MEC is one of the first end-to-end metal shafting manufacturers offering low risk, end-to-end, and detailed precision work for all kinds of industrial needs. It all started with the in-depth experience of our parent organization Vijay Foundries which was established in early 1977 in the industrial area of Rajkot, Gujarat with an aim and goal to become one of the largest manufacturers in the country offering and supplying Cast Iron Electric Motor Components, Gearbox Casting, and Automobile Parts worldwide. In addition to glow and bloom in the casting industry, we established Maruti Metal Cast in 2010 with an aim to support Vijay foundries advanced technologies and high-end best in class automation machinery for detailed and perfect casting work.

Growing with the industry day by day placed us on a stage where we have been manufacturing and supplying OEM to well-known Indian industries like Hindustan Electric Mfg, Bharat Bijli Ltd, Marathon Electric India Ltd, Fenner India Ltd. Our expertise in the casting industry led us to bag a few International clients like Regal Beloit and Siemens Ltd in the United States of America. We are proud to be involved in manufacturing and supplying goods in general and electric motor stator housing & components as the mainstay.

MEC – Mihir Engineering Co. is a high-tech fully automated manufacturing unit with high end-to-end automated machinery for all industrial shafting needs. MEC is capable of manufacturing over 20,000 detailed and highly finished shaft products in 30 days. We offer a varied range of sizes for all your needs, ranging from the frame size 80 all the way to the frame size 200.